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The `Tridevas' in hinduism comprise of the three Lords:
Lord Brahma     -     Lord Vishnu     -     Lord Mahesh
Satvik        -         Rajsik         -        Tamsik
Calm/simple   -    Kingly splendour    -   hotheaded

Munindra's quotes

"May the sunshine ever greet you
and sorrows flow away,
May the knowledge flow within you
and darkness fade away."— Munindra Misra

Brahma - The Creator

Brahma - The Creator - Satvik

Brahma, God of Creation and a trideva  - others Vishnu and Shiva be,
Father of Manu - the first human, and all humans but his descended be,
He the great grandsire of beings in Ramayan and Mahabharata clearly,
But be not confused with Supreme Spirit (Brahman) in Hindu philosophy,

Brahma has three wives - Goddesses Saraswati, Ma Savitri and Ma Gayatri,
All the three revered as Vedamata  - meaning the Mother of Vedas certainly,
Brahma is identified with 'Prajapatti', the procreation, protector of life deity.
His qualities are sattavik - calm, peaceful, relaxed – in thought with dignity. 

This is part of the knol collection Trinity by Munindra Misra

Vishnu - The Preserver

Vishnu - The Preserver - Rajsik

Lord Vishnu - the kingly rajsik - the second God of the Hindu trinity, 
Is the Universal Preserver representing the goodness and mercy, 
Ever incarnating to remove imbalance between good and evil clearly, 
He the cosmic nara (water) known as Narayana unquestionabily. 

He is Pitambara with four arms holding a mace implying power truly, 
A conch shell indicating spread of the divine sound "Om" universally, 
A discus (Chakra) demonstrating the wheel of time ever unendingly, 
And lotus - `Kamal’, example of beautiful existence in all difficulty. 

Ganga flows from his feet, he rests on a coiled serpent peacefully,
Representing the sleeping universe on cosmic ocean unendingly,
He rides on Garuda ever spreading the Vedic knowledge universally,
He is also known as Hari - the remover and his consort is Lakshmi.

This is part of the knol collection Lord Vishnu by Munindra Misra

Lord Shiv - The Destroyer

Shiv - The Destroyer - Tamsik

Lord Shiv, also known as Mahesh – the third God of the Hindu trinity,
He denotes peace of human nature and victory over demonic activity,
He the Destroyer, Giver, dominates over `death and destruction’ truly,
The Lord of meditation, mystic, mystery and greatest of all the yogis.

He appears in an ever-meditating ever-happy posture with beauty,
With matted hair holding the flowing Ganga, a crescent moon clearly,
A serpent around his neck, trident in hand and ashes over his body,
His vehicle a bull, symbol of happiness and strength, named Nandi.

Shiv-Ling, a sign of the Lord, is adored instead of him reverently,
His Om Namah Shivaya chant consists but of six syllables only,
This om, na, mah, shi, vaa, ya is chanted to please Him lovingly,
Some texts refer to these five letters as the forms of Shiv truly.

This is part of the knol collection of Lord Shiv by Munindra Misra