Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brahma - The Creator

Brahma - The Creator - Satvik

Brahma, God of Creation and a trideva  - others Vishnu and Shiva be,
Father of Manu - the first human, and all humans but his descended be,
He the great grandsire of beings in Ramayan and Mahabharata clearly,
But be not confused with Supreme Spirit (Brahman) in Hindu philosophy,

Brahma has three wives - Goddesses Saraswati, Ma Savitri and Ma Gayatri,
All the three revered as Vedamata  - meaning the Mother of Vedas certainly,
Brahma is identified with 'Prajapatti', the procreation, protector of life deity.
His qualities are sattavik - calm, peaceful, relaxed – in thought with dignity. 

This is part of the knol collection Trinity by Munindra Misra

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